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New York Living Will Lawyers

A New York Living Will Lawyer helps you setup a living will which ensures, if you are ever incapacitated – what happens next. This is a godsend for your family. The document defines a specific plan which will occur in terms of healthcare decisions, if you are gravely ill or incapacitated. Our New York living will attorneys can help answer all of the important questions you, and your family members, may have – in the event you are gravely ill. Living wills typically answer issues like – whether a person wants to be put on life support, and what type of living saving techniques should be taken. Living wills are important – not only for the person sick, but for the family. Without a living will, a physician will ask the family members to make important decisions. These decisions become a burden on the family. For example, your family member may be forced to decide whether to put you on life support or not. These are important decisions – because medical science has helped extend lifespans.

Living wills give detailed instructions to medical treatments. If a person is in a vegetative state, or in a coma – the living will gives instructions on what should happen. If answers questions about whether the person wants to continue living, or if he should be allowed to die. It answers questions to what medical treatments he/she should get. A living will document gives a person control over his/her own health, when they are unable to express their own wishes.

Living will is sometimes confused with a health care proxy. Health care proxy is a person appointed to speak on your behalf. We highly recommend you have the guidance of an New York Elder Law Attorney who can help you prepare the necessary documents. It’s crucial that all of the legal framework with a living will be done correctly. If the living will isn’t written correctly, it can be challenged in court – and discredited. It could render the living will invalid. While the document is unpleasant to contemplate, it’s crucial you have one for your loved one. Failure to have one could result in tragedy. If you don’t have one in place, you could face sky rocketing health care costs – which drain your estate of any money you have. These documents are typically drafted as a part of an overall estate plan. We can help. Contact us today for a risk free consultation.


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