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New York Health Care Proxy Lawyers

If you are unable to make decisions for yourself – because of an illness, accident, or other reason – then it’s crucial you have the right legal document. Assigning a health care proxy is a good way to make that possible. It’s important to write down your wishes about the type of treatments you want, and don’t want,. These are important decisions you don’t want to put in the hands of estranged family members, foreign doctors, or apathetic judges.

There are two basic health care document. The first is called a power of attorney. This names a trusted person to direct your health care decisions. In New York, this is also a health care proxy. Second, you should make a document which defines the type of medical treatments you would not like, or would like. This is known as a living will. In New York, you can make one if you wish.

In New York, the person you name in the documents is your agent. In New York, your agent cannot be someone under the age of 18, unless it’s your child, or unless the person is married. You cannot name your attending physician. It cannot be someone who is a health care proxy for 10 or more people, unless he/she is a spouse, or core blood relative. You cannot name an operator/employee of a hospital – if you are a patient of that hospital.

These restrictions for health care proxies don’t apply to: employees of hospitals, if they are related to you by blood,marriage, etc.

When choosing an agent, it’s crucial you pick a health care proxy whose trustworthy and dependable. Our NYC health care proxy lawyers can help you determine who is a good choice, and who will be good at helping you asset your wishes. You can name anyone you like – but we’ll help you make the right choice. Our attorneys can help you determine an adequate health care proxy, and help you file all the necessary paperwork.



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