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New York Durable Power of Attorney Creation

Our New York Estate and Probate lawyers can help you create a durable power of attorney. This is a power of attorney which is a legal document that authorizes a person to act on behalf of another person’s behalf. The durable power of attorney is a document that pertains to financial or business transactions, like real estate, or banking transactions. The durable power of attorney is a documented that our lawyers can create for you. It is legal, and is allowed for by New York statutes and rules. The power of attorney is very broad, and gives an agent the ability to make any decisions necessary. Our New York durable power of attorney lawyers can even limit the agent’s authority by the specifying the type, and exact nature, of the decisions the agent can make. Durable is a term that means that the power of attorney remains in effect, if, and when, you become incapacitated. The selection of the agent, is crucial when utilizing this durable power of attorney. It’s crucial you hire someone whose trustworthy, and someone who won’t abuse the power you give him, or her.

Our New York lawyers can help advise you on someone whose the right agent. We believe that choosing an agent is important. It’s crucial you have full faith in this agent. Typically it’s important the agent be a close family relative. Remember, the person using the power of attorney will be acting as the principle on your behalf — and he cannot be overridden. According to the laws, the agent must sign the power, and have his signature notarized and acknowledged. This is important so he understands he is accepting the obligations in the power of attorney. There are numerous instances where a Court appointed person abuses his authority. Any transfers done by the agent will be viewed as improper by the Courts. We can help correct these fraudulent actions. This is common when older individuals give agents power. In many situations, older individuals have no friends, and there are no oversights and thus they cannot prevent the abuse of power and their victimization.

It’s crucial you hire our New York durable power of attorney creation lawyers. We can provide you with legal representation, experience, and trustworthy advice.


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