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New York Disability Planning Lawyers

Estate planning is a complicated process. It means more than just distributing your assets to the correct beneificiaries, it also means making arrangements for a future disability. If means making sure your children are taken care of, in case you die. There are many disability planning tools our lawyers can use to help you. Most disability planning methods are complicated. We can help you decide which disability planning tools are right for you and your family. Our skilled elder law and estate planning attorneys can help you.

Our lawyers have immense experience helping clients with all aspects of the disability planning process. We do a thorough analysis of your circumstances, and help you plan for all the possible scenarios you, and your family face. We work closely with you to determine which strategy will be most beneficial in protecting your interests.

Special needs trusts: We allow people with disabilities access to the property/assets within the trust -without jeopardizing their qualifications for public assistance.

OBRA Trusts: This is a disability planning tool allows a person with a lot of assets to qualify for medicaid.

Power of Attorney:┬áThis is a disability planning method through which a loved one is given financial control, and healthcare decision making control – in the event you cannot maintain control over these important decisions. Power of attorneys can be temporary, or permanent, depending on your legal needs. We can create a strategy either to help all of your needs.

Guardianships: This is a disability planning tool used to gain legal custody of a minor, disabled adult, or elderly individual. If a person becomes incapacitated without a power of attorney in place, this is the best way for a loved one to get legal responsibility then.

Living Trusts: These are great to help manage your assets while living. It allows you to transfer them to the correct beneficiaries upon death, with a very minimal tax liability. We can use living trusts as a disability planning method. Living trusts are set up to transfer control of your assets – if you (the client, owner of the assets) becomes incapacitated.

Our attorneys can setup all, or some, of these disability planning methods as a part of your estate plan. Our skilled elder law attorneys have many years of experience, across a wide array practice areas such as estates, trusts, asset protection planning, business law, and more, into create a custom strategy that works – on every single level.

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