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New York Asset Protection Lawyers

Raiser & Kenniff’s team of elder law attorneys can help you in your time of need. One of the services we provide is legal planning which allows for asset protection. Asset protection is important regardless of how wealthy you are. It’s for everyone. It allows you to hide your assets from creditors, and it’s not just for the super-wealthy. Virtually anyone can get sued. Lawsuits can happen from unpaid medical debts, bank debt, credit card foreclosures, or more. If someone wins a judgement against you, your family could go bankrupt trying to pay it off. They will come after your assets. In order to keep the assets safe, and away from creditors, you need our help.

We can move your assets so creditors can’t touch them. There are many asset protection techniques. We can maximize your contributions to your IRA. We can also move funds to an irrevocable trust. We can retitle various assets, or use limited liability companies or family limited partnerships in order to move assets into places where creditors can’t touch them. Our attorneys can develop an asset protection plan in order to help you. Our attorneys can discuss short, and long term, goals in order to create a plan which will work for you. It’s crucial you realize that asset protection planning works only if you do it before you are sued. If you are already being sued, or if you know you are going to be used – and you transfer your assets so creditor’s cant touch them – the course can reverse the transfer.

This is the #1 reason people contact us before a potential problem happens. We can help you.

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