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New York Guardianship Lawyers

If you are a guardian, or are looking to setup a guardianship, we can help. Raiser & Kenniff PC’s team of lawyers are award winning and well experienced. Become a legal guardian allows you to handle the needs of another individual in order to address the incapacitated individuals issues – like paying bills, asset protection, obtaining the needed care, making health care decisions, and more. It’s extremely crucial you hire an experienced attorney who can make sure you have the right the proper protections in place. We can help setup a guardianship for you, or help advise you on what you can do as a guardian.

Our attorneys have handled hundred’s of legal guardianship cases. We frequently handle tough and complex guardianship cases throughout New York.

Appointing a guardian

Becoming a legal guardian requires an appointment from the court. Our attorneys help clients, by advising them on all the requirements this role has. We help you understand your rights and responsibilities under the law, for this role. Once we are certain our client understands this, and can handle the obligations in question, we advocate for them to be approved as a guardian. We can also represent clients who are in an adult guardianship dispute. If a family member is opposing the appointment of a guardian, or believe you aren’t fit to act as a guardian, then we can help protect your rights.

We understand becoming a guardian is a delicate and sensitive issue. Our goal is to make this process as quick and easy as possible.



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