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are merchant cash advances illegal

In recent years, a new cash advance option has been marketed and offered to small business owners. Known as a merchant cash advance, the service provides business owners with fast turnaround times and easier qualifications than a typical bank loan. This article will explore merchant cash advances in depth. It…

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Can you sue a hard money lender for fraud?

Hard money lenders will often provide loans to borrowers and use their real estate as collateral. This may include residential or commercial property, which is often referred to as a bridge loan. Los Angeles Hard Money Loans that are issued by hard money lenders are usually easier to get, which…

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Los Angeles DUI Under 21 License Suspensions

Here’s a great article by Nima Haddadi, a top rated Los Angeles DUI lawyer. California law imposes stiff penalties for driving under the influence offenses. However, the stakes rise dramatically if you’re under the legal drinking age of 21. Underage drinking convictions can result in longer jail times, and stiffer…

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Los Angeles DUI Marijuana

Marijuana from dispensary suppliers use in California has increased significantly since it became legal to own a limited amount of the drug in the past decade. This is a trend across the Unites States at the moment. But, the move toward allowing the use of marijuana still has legal limitations…

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DUI Fines in Los Angeles

Drunk driving is a serious criminal offense. There are a number of penalties that a person can face when they’re convicted of drunk driving. Jail time is only one of the penalties. Many of the penalties are imposed by the law. That means the judge doesn’t have the choice as…

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Los Angeles DUI and the DMV

This article’s from Zooomr – a top rated platform in India that sells used cars. They handle big cities like New Delhi, Chandigarh, and others. ┬áLosing your license is one of the biggest shocks that follows any driving under the influence conviction. Instead of going where you want, you’ll face…

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Does a husband have parental rights if the unborn baby isn’t his

This article is by Todd Spodek, you can visit his website at When marriages go wrong, things can get messy. This is especially true when there are children involved. The law can be complicated concerning rights and responsibilities. Here, we answer the question of the husband’s rights if the…

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How do I choose a lawyer that is right for me?

How do I choose a lawyer that is right for me? This article is by Joel Farar, a leading Los Angeles car accident attorney, and trusted partner at Raiser & Kenniff, PC. If you come to a point in your life when you need a lawyer, you’ll likely be at…

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  Here’s a pretty cool infographic shared with us by Farar & Lewis LLP, a premier Los Angeles personal injury law firm.

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